magic, before your very eyes…

Simple sites

These days there are few businesses or organisations that

Service Total Franceshould be making-do without a decent website. If you do not need one for any of the following compelling reasons, then you are the exception to the rule:

  • to tell the world you exist and what you are and do
  • to tell interested people where to find you or how to get in touch
  • to demonstrate the stature of your organisation
  • to welcome members, customers, followers
  • for instant reference to programmes, opening times, up-coming events
  • to answer questions when you may not be able to take calls
  • to list your stock or facilities.

For small businesses and not-for-profit organisations a website to be proud of can be yours for very little cost. It need not be complex but it does need to reflect the kind of organisation you are and meet the information needs of people who use the site. Those are the ones we build.

If at first you don’t succeed…

All too often I meet people who have had bad experiences trying to get a website off the ground. Sometimes it’s a telecom provider or trade directory publisher that has offered a website as part of the service, sometimes a friend or relative who has been promising to finish the site for months – whatever the excuse, the site is a mess or never materialises.

My answer to these people is that I can prove it doesn’t need to be like that, and I will create the basic site they need within a week. Once the site is working, we can tweak it, add to it, update it and respond to the requests of the people who will surely see it. Sometimes years of frustration are gone in a day or two!

If all this internet and website business is a mystery to you, you should be talking to us!