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Selling sites

Trewgates e-commerce website

Trewgates do not take orders from their site because their products are bespoke. Instead they ask buyers to call or email their requirements.

Do you have something to sell? Even if you do not wish to be involved with online purchasing, it pays to tell people what you stock or what you produce – it really does create sales.

Call it e-commerce or a web shop, you do not need to invest a fortune to have the internet transform your business. Every year a greater percentage of ‘traditional’ business changes to ‘web business’. If you do not offer your wares to the online world then you can be certain that someone else will be taking your market share. e-commerce website

I set up this full e-commerce website for an artist in France. It is now maintained locally.

I will usually recommend an e-commerce  solution based on a free or low-cost mechanism, so all you need to pay for is our help to set it up. If running sales from a website really spooks you, though, I would consider running your online enterprise entirely for you on a profit-split basis.

Talk to us to find out how easy it is to get started with e-commerce.