magic, before your very eyes…

The acronyms, the techie bits, the things you would rather not be bothered with

Most of our clients just want a site that works. Most (but not all) would like to be able to update it themselves, and most would like it to show up on Google and the other search engines. We can make that happen.

In technical terms that means that we will register a domain or multiple domains for you, host your site for you, provide a CMS (Content Management System) and design your site to work efficiently with search engines (SEO).

We can also set up e-commerce (or web-shop) on your site and advise on the computer and software you may need to keep your site up-to-date.

Responsive and Mobile sites

You may have heard the term ‘responsive’ in relation to web sites, meaning that the site changes its layout to suit the width of the screen used to view it. In practice this means that it is still usable on the smaller screens of tablets (including iPads) and also the very small screens of smart phones. All our new sites are Responsive and we can also produce a specific Mobile version of your site if you prefer.