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Something up my sleeve

Oatlands Pre-school website

One of our sites for a ‘not for profit’

I’ll let you into a secret. There’s quite a lot up my sleeve! Websites and web technology, web shops and blogs, online surveys and data gathering, 360° virtual tours. All supplied with a lifetime of business nouse and an old-fashioned approach to service. A site has to look right for the intended audience (a design for heavy metal fans would not be right for bird-watchers) but most important is the content and the way it is organised. This is where a wealth of marketing experience makes for a site that really works.

Our website for Hastings Storytelling Festival

Things like copywriting, menu organisation and selection of images will not only make your site more interesting for the target audience, it will also help you to get good positions in Google and the other search engines. I have experience of a vast array of tools to make your site really work for you. Many are completely free to use and, wherever possible, I use industry-standard approaches so you can always move to another good web technician should you so decide. I am not a designer but I have long worked with superb graphics specialists and I know just how to get the best out of them! For simpler sites a great design solution can be as easy as selecting elements that work harmoniously – let me guide you. Don’t let jargon like CRM, SEO, QR Code, Domain Registration,  Hosting or Responsive put you off. I’ll explain it all in simple terms and do whatever is necessary to make owning a website totally pain-free.